Dabs - 1G Dirty Dozen Sugar Wax 79.97%


About this product

Sugar has the consistency of a wet sugar, a badder is a cake batter, a budder is like butter at room temp, a jam is like a fruit jam, a crumble is dryer (fewer terps) and will crumble when handled, and a honeycomb is dry like a crumble, but with air pockets that look like honeycombs because of how it was whipped to trap air to help prevent terp evaporation.

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About this brand

Iconic blunts set the standard - filling the void in Oregon for high-quality, consumer-focused blunts. You’ll only find indoor flower at or above the 23% mark and we use only premier material. We’ve complemented our premium flower with the most evenly burning, premium hemp wraps to literally make every experience ICONIC!


  • OR, US: 060-1016957B9FF
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