Atomic 1000mg - G4


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A potent Indica-dominant cross between G13 and Chemdawg #4 that will provide those much-needed pain relieving effects as well as an energetic heady high.

Our Atomic vape cartridges are made with cannabis derived distillate, HTFSE sauce, and botanically derived terpenes. Our focus is on the terpene profile to enhance the cannabinoid & terpenoid entourage effect.

The sauce is purged in our vacuum ovens for over a month to ensure that the butane has been vacuumed out. All our extracts are tested for residual solvents with our goal being 50ppm or less for final products. By homogenizing HTFSE sauce with distillate we are able to provide a more stable concentrate cartridge, as well as the terpene profile of some of our strains grown in-house in a vaporized form. Atomic Cartridges are a great way to vaporize in-house strains discreetly.

We incorporated our Atomic Cartridges with HTFSE Sauce for more flavor and closer medicinal effects to the flower of the same strain. Cannabis distillate is infused for higher potency and a more stable concentrate cartridge.

Atomic Cartridges are Cannabis derived, solventless, and lipid-free. No cutting or thinning agents are used to stabilize Atomic cartridges.

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iLAVA is a family of premium cannabis products developed by industry pioneers and rooted in wellness cannabis. Our award-winning vapes, edibles, topicals, and concentrates have made us one of Arizona’s best-selling brands.


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