Berry Blackout 500mg Indica Gummies


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Welcome "Berry Blackout" High-Frequency Gummies to your Dream Team: immerse yourself in the depths of tranquility and total relaxation with a powerful dose of 500mg indica magic in every pack. Step into the night, let your stresses fade, and surrender to the calming embrace of Berry Blackout 500mg High-Frequency Gummies.

Indulge your senses in a rich blend of dark berries that unfold like a midnight sky. With every bite, you're treated to a symphony of flavors that'll have you embracing the night with open arms. Harness the soothing power of indica as Berry Blackout invites you to sink into a world of relaxation. Let life’s chaos becomes a distant hum as you're enveloped in a cocoon of tranquility.

Whether you're perched on a quiet rooftop or nestled in a cozy corner, Berry Blackout amplifies your connections, allowing you to find deep peace and serenity. Lift your nighttime routine with gummies designed to help you drift into the most restful sleep.

Recommended for the experienced cannabis user. Consume responsibly and give it 45 minutes to an hour to fully embrace the tranquil wave. Those new to high THC doses should tread lightly.

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While you're enjoying cannabis responsibly, thousands remain behind bars for doing the same thing. We work to liberate cannabis POWs while bringing responsible use into the mainstream.

ILLICIT works with local and national advocacy groups to support the release of cannabis POWs, while bringing responsible medical cannabis into the mainstream. The data doesn't lie, and marijuana prohibition is a wrong we're working to right. Our organization is part of a growing national coalition challenging everyone to ask:


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  • MO, US: CUL000019
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