KAYA Myst - Sativa Mexican Coffee


About this product

From the KAYA Wellness Line: The KAYA Myst tincture sprays are a convenient way to orally ingest our high-quality cannabis oil. KAYA Myst provides a discrete, quick and clean way to get an accurate dose.

• Sprays for faster absorption and onset
• Sugar, Dairy & Gluten Free
• Strain Specific Terpenes
• 225mg bottle/80 sprayed doses/bottle
• 7 delicious flavors

Dose: Start with 2-3 sprays. THC sprays contain approximately 2.8mg THC. 1:1 CBD:THC sprays contain approximately 1.6mg THC & 1.6mg CBD. Approximately 80 sprays per bottle. Dosage varies per individual.

Directions for use: Shake well. Spray directly under the tongue (sublingually) and hold for 20-30 seconds or spray into mouth or throat and swallow. Sublingual administration provides rapid absorption into the bloodstream and effects may be felt within 10 minutes. Wait at least 30 minutes before increasing dosage for optimal effect. Effects may last for up to 2-4 hours. Store in a cool dark place.

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About this brand

KAYA’s mission is to help you enhance your well-being and quality of life through pure and safe cannabis oil. Our company strives to create products that are healthy, medicinal, effective, and clean, meeting the highest levels of integrity and quality. Every batch is tested by an independent lab to ensure KAYA products meet our stringent standards. KAYA prides itself on only using high-quality, in-house, mountain-grown cannabis to create a full-spectrum distillate, preserving many medicinal cannabinoids and terpenes. The interactive synergy between these compounds creates a powerful medicine for treating a number of ailments. This distillate is made through an ethanol extraction and single solvent winterization process. Through our extensive purging process, we ensure the safety and efficacy of our oil extraction resulting in the lowest ppm, highest potency medicines — at KAYA we value quality, purity & cleanliness above all else.


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