Pass Drug Test! Magic Detox™ Full Body THC Detox Kit

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Ultra THC Magic Detox 7 Day cleanse brings together nature’s best detoxing herbal ingredients for a complete toxin cleanse you can count on.

When you need to be clean of toxins including THC our product should be your go-to formula. It is a full system flush that provides a unique 3 phase approach– Cleanse, Detoxify, and Release.


Try our all natural body cleansing detox treatment 100% guaranteed now!

Our product is not intended for those with kidney disease/disorder, pregnant or nursing women or persons under the age of 18. Only for use with self-administered home drug tests. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the listed ingredients.

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About this brand

Logo for the brand Pass Drug Test With Ultra THC Magic Detox™ Full THC Detox Kit Cleanse!
Pass Drug Test With Ultra THC Magic Detox™ Full THC Detox Kit Cleanse!
Magic Detox™ rapidly removes all traces of Toxins from your body with our all natural detox capsules that are 100% guaranteed to help work in 7 days or your money back! Helps pass a self administered home drug test so you can be clean of all drugs including THC for good!

We have been perfecting this full body detox cleanse for over 12 years!

Our updated 2022 Detox is the strongest urine cleanse product you can buy!

Our guaranteed or money back detox takes 7 days to help flush your body!

Don’t trick the system by cheating with risky detox methods, flush your system naturally and legally with us!

#1 FULL BODY THC CLEANSE – Clean all toxins from your system fast. Expert designed to support a full body cleansing. Formulated with powerful organic ingredients to ensure a successful full body detox. Ultimate Detox & Toxin Remover for the daily toxin user.

PROVEN STRONGEST DETOX – Our Extra Strength formula will give you the proper serving of the best ingredients for a full and successful detox! An effective way to wipe out all toxin molecules from your system (urine, saliva, kidney, liver & blood) before you get busted.

TRUE Body DETOX. Natural and Safe ingredients! 100% Natural Vegi capsules. EASY-TO-SWALLOW, free of fillers and artificial substances. Shipped from St. Augustine Florida!

FULL SYSTEM TOXIN CLEANER – With Ultra THC Detox it may only take you 7 DAYS to become 100% Clean!

100% DETOX GUARANTEE – We created the most potent cleanse MADE IN USA that will meet all your expectations. We’re confident that you will be fully detoxed and will be satisfied with your purchase.

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