Model Z Automated Grow Box


About this product

Simple, automated, and designed to look good in your home. A fully automated single plant enclosure, Mary Model Z will teach you how to care for your plant and get the most out of every harvest. This climate controlled smart grow box will help you turn any living space into an ideal growing environment for the plant of your choice.

## Fully Monitored Grow Environment ##
The Mary Model Z grow box automatically maintains the ideal environment for your plant for each stage of growth. Each Model Z grow box is connected to the Mary AG software platform which is used to run automation and analyze data. That data is used to improve the software so that your smart grow box gets smarter with every plant.

## Intracanopy, Multidirectional Lighting ##
The Mary Model Z mimics the sunrise and sunset and creates optimal growing conditions for your plant with its multidirectional agricultural grade LEDs. Immersive lighting bathes the plant in light for better yields in every grow cycle.

## Dual E-glass Doors ##
Both doors can turn clean and opaque with the tap of a button in the app. Coolest way to show off your plant and to check on your plant.

## In App Support ##
The Mary AG app will guide you through every growth phase. Need help? Connect with our experienced team of Growers.

Whether this is your first time growing at home, or you are an experienced greenthumb, the Mary Model Z will make your life easier. You will receive tips and be guided through the grow cycle all while the Model Z delivers optimal growing conditions for each phase of plant life. If you want to experiment and tweak the conditions, simply take control through manual settings in the Mary AG app.

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About this brand

Agriculture has always been at the centre of society. Our ability to grow crops in abundance meant that we settled in areas that offered the best growing conditions. Mary is an agricultural automation startup that leverages vertically integrated hardware, sensors, big data and AI to replicate those same ideal conditions in an artificially controlled environment. Each plant grows in optimized conditions with minimal human input, regardless of local weather, seasons or climates.
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