TECHNIQ - Guava Gelato Sherb (by FireBros)


About this product

TECHNIQ x Fire Bros.
CROSS: Guava Gelato + Icee Sherbet
+ MFUSED's Ultimate Cannabis Vapor Experience
+ Featuring Top Shelf Flower from Premier Gardens
+ Exclusive CCELL Tank System for Techniq
+ 360˚ Heating Coil Embedded in Porous Ceramic
+ 1 Full Gram
+ Clean Green Certified
TECHNIQ is MFUSED’s most premium line of Cannabis vapor tank, only utilizing carefully hand selected top shelf flowers cultivated by premier gardens around WA state. TECHNIQ is the culmination between passionate master growers, decade-long experienced extractors and innovative market-leading technology all put into one.
CCELL™ Proprietary Ceramic Technology
Process of high temperature sintering creates countless nanoscale inlet holes on CCELL’s ceramic heating core. CCELL’s patented ceramic formula paired with a larger heating element and wider tank allows for seamless dispersion and vaporization of every last drop of oil without sacrificing any flavor or potency.
While the rest of the industry is obsessed with processing oil to maximize concentration and potency, MFUSED remains laser focused on selecting and cultivating only the finest material to deliver cannabis products as they were meant to be. Our advanced extraction technology and pioneering processes create the highest-grade oil concentrates, retaining and accentuating the naturally distinctive flavors and therapeutic attributes of cannabis. All at the simple press of a button. Life is better MFUSED. Follow our journey @techniqbymfused

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