Pink Grapefruit 10x10 Gummies


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Monster Medibles is Monster Xtracts premium edible brand. The 10 x 10mg gummies are small but mighty and serve up a tasty way to micro-dose. With just one bite, you'll satisfy your sweet tooth with a side of THC for relief and balance on the go.

These gummies are made with the highest quality distillate to ensure minimal to no cannabis taste. They also have a fast activation time and are free of fat, dairy, MSG, peanuts, and artificial sweeteners.

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About this brand

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Monster Xtracts
Monster Xtracts is a cannabis manufacture based out of Jackson, MI specializing is a wide variety of products. We work on the leading the industry through innovation and adaptation. Looking to create abundance for all.

When we extract and manufacture cannabis-derived products we strive to educate our consumers, break stigma, and make cannabis as accessible as possible. We believe everyone should be able to truly enjoy a life enhanced by cannabis. Free of judgment, of pain, and of harmful additives and chemicals.

We create cannabis extracts like Caviar, THCa, Sauce on the Rocks, Diamonds in Sauce, Sugar, and more. We also work hard to create edible products and accessible medicine. Our Monster Medibles and RSO are top sellers around the state. Each product is made in small batches to create the best quality possible.

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Instagram: @monster_xtracts
Facebook: @mxtracts
Twitter: @monster_xtracts
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