POT by NOIDS - FECO Cooker For Decarboxylation, Infusion And Ethanol Extraction.


About this product

The only machine you ever need to create full-spectrum cannabis FECO, RSO, oil, butter, tincture, wax and edibles at home with unparalleled ease.

Designed to give you full control.

Decarb: simply put your herbs in the machine and twist the machine. POT will flawlessly deliver an evenly decarboxylated bud.

Infuse: add oil/butter or anything you’d like to infuse to your decarboxylated buds and twist the machine. POT will flawlessly deliver an infused product.

Extract: add ethanol to your decarboxylated bud and add the condenser to the filter. Twist the machine and POT will flawlessly deliver a concentrate.

POT has a body made of Metal and a beaker of thermal shock resistance glass, the silicone is food-grade and the steel is stainless.

Beaker volume: 1 cup (250ml), Decarb capacity: max. 0.9 oz (25 grams) per run.

Package includes:
main body, beaker, filter system, pipette, flat lid, condenser, cleaning brush, and User Manual.

Fresh herb
Dry herb

Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
much more!


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About this brand

We are a team of designers and creatives from the Netherlands who deeply appreciate the restorative and regenerative qualities of cannabis and its vibrant culture.
In mid-October 2018, we had the opportunity to attend the CannX Medical Cannabis Conference in Tel Aviv, where we met Dr. Raphael Mechoulam and other esteemed scientists. Having concluded that cannabis has immense medicinal potential for humanity, they, nonetheless, expressed concerns about the pharmaceutical industry's inaction and counteraction. We can harness the power of cannabis safely and effectively at home.
Cannabis is a plant that is for the people and of the people. When used responsibly, it can bring about healing and enhancement.
However, cannabis use carries risks. Smoking can harm the lungs, and strains have become stronger over the years, making direct inhalation less ideal for the mind. CBD oils in the market often undergo extensive processing to remove THC and synthetic cannabinoids are often added to meet labeling requirements.

And thus, we set out to create a cooker that would deliver the unadulterated power of cannabis directly to you. This cooker would infuse butter and oil consistently, it would produce concentrates like tincture and wax for accurate dosing, and It would put you in full control over cannabis use, allowing you to cook as you desire, when you desire, and in your preferred way.
The outcome is POT by NOIDS.

November 2018 - We teamed up with engineers to develop a cannabis cooker.
January 2019 - The first prototype of an all-in-one cannabis cooker was completed.
July 2019 - NOIDS BV was founded in the Netherlands, allowing us to accomplish more.
August 2019 - We named our all-in-one cannabis cooker: POT by NOIDS.
March 2020 - POT by NOIDS was patented.
April 2020 - POT by NOIDS' design was finalized after 11 versions of prototypes.
December 2020 - The first-ever POT by NOIDS was shipped to Madrid, Spain in a plastic-free package.
December 2020 - We received our first Trustpilot review from Grotto in German, with five stars.
January 2021 - POT by NOIDS was reviewed and approved by CNNBS, the most visited cannabis knowledge website in the Dutch language.
February 2021 - POT by NOIDS was approved by Zamnesia, the leader in the European cannabis space, following thorough tests conducted by their in-house experts.
March 2021 - We decided to cover import taxes for customers outside of Europe.
October 2021 - POT by NOIDS was sold out.
October 2021 - POT by NOIDS was present in every continent on Earth, except for Antarctica, serving homes in more than 40 countries.
January 2022 - A container of POT by NOIDS arrived at the shores of the United States of America.
January 8, 2022 - We received our first one-star Trustpilot review from Wes due to shipping issues. As a result, we excluded DPD as a shipping option and implemented additional shipping checks in our workflow.
February 2022 - The first batch of POT by NOIDS was imported to Australia by TheGreenBox.
December 2022 - The NOIDS team implemented a 'warm lunch' policy at the office.
January 2023 - We had a powerful and humbling interview with Viny, a medicinal cannabis user in the Netherlands who has been proudly served by POT.
February 2023 - POT by NOIDS is now available at "When Nature Calls" in Amsterdam.
February 2023 - The NOIDS team brainstormed new product ideas.
Now - We are actively prototyping new designs and eagerly learning from our valued customers.
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