DRYONIC II: Premium Dry Herb Vape Pen


About this product

We have been working hard to improve the herbal vape pen industry and tackling each issue one by one. The industry is plagued by vaporizer pens that don’t allow enough ability to dial in the right temps, leaving partially burned flower, or worse, flower that is vaped too hot and loses the benefits that you expect from an herbal vape pen. We are sick of hearing about dry herb vapes that don’t perform, have restrictive settings, break, or produce low quality vapor. We wanted the quality of a desktop vaporizer with the portability of our original DRYONIC. That’s what we launched with the DRYONIC II.

Are you looking for a herbal vape that can dial in your exact temperature rather then guessing with one of 3 temps? One that offers better battery life? One that helps you get more out of each fill and that can be easily cleaned to a brand new sparkle? The DRYONIC II allows you to dial in within 5 degrees of the temperature that you want to vape at, meaning that with each successive hit, you can dial it up a notch to keep increasing your vapor until you reach your max. When you choose the DRYONIC II for a portable herbal vape pen, you are choosing performance, convenience and longevity.

Product Details:
- Choose your EXACT temp. From 200* to 430*. Settings allow 5* intervals.
- A huge 1200 mah battery provides up to an hour of active usage
- Hidden OLED UI screen
- Large chamber for broad range of packing sizes up to .5 gram
- Quartz Glass kiln heats quickly and cleans effortlessly
- Pure vapor from top intake convection

- (1) Dryonic II DryHerb Vape Pen
- (1) Charging Cable
- (1) Cleaning Brush
- Instruction Manual

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Visit the manufacturer website for more details. www.O2VAPE.com

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About this brand

O2VAPE™ is a USA Veteran, woman owned company and has been providing consumers with high quality portable 510 thread batteries, wax vape pens, dab vape pens and vaping products since 2013. We are the ORIGINAL buttonless vape pen, making it the most mobile and discreet vaping product available to anyone. We have a no questions asked, no receipt, no further purchase necessary LIFETIME WARRANTY! Through the rapid growth of the vaporizer industry, hundreds of different vaping products have been made available on the market. So, why choose o2VAPE™? It is simple. From our oil vape pens to our Dryonic™ vaporizers, our products have a simplistic design that make them easy for anyone to use with minimal set up. Their small size makes it easy to take anywhere, and by emitting vapor they won’t disturb those around you. We have thoroughly tested all of our products for durability, made up of high quality materials our vaporizers have been shown to stand up to everyday use. At o2VAPE™, we stand behind the products that we sell, by including our no questions asked LIFETIME warranties on all of our vaporizers (warranty excludes cartridges). Ever have a question regarding our products? o2VAPE™ is here to help you, we have on-hand sales representatives ready to assist you. It is our goal to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with the o2VAPE™ products and staff.
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