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Founded in 2017 by CEO Dave Richmond and Director of Innovation Manny Montano, Banana Bros. offers products that ‘make it easy, to take it easy.’ The traditional process of grinding herb and making a cone takes time, can be messy, and doesn’t always turn out as planned. Richmond and Montano, both veteran herb users who are known for their “banana”, out-of-the-box ideas, were all too familiar with this struggle and decided to do something about it. Now with the creation of the brand’s first product, everyone can enjoy the perfect smoke at the touch of a button in whatever your smoke of choice: joint, bong, vape or blunt.

Introducing The OTTO smart motorized grinder: an all-in-one cone making device that elevates the cannabis experience through ease of use and smart technology. OTTO grinds and mills buds to uniform perfection and neatly fills Banana Bros. premium raw fiber cones in just seconds. No mess, no wasted herb — in a word, it’s a game-changer. With OTTO, canoeing is now just a water activity; OTTO works with all types of herb: wet, dry, sticky, big, or small. Unlike traditional hand grinders that can unevenly crush buds and get jammed, OTTO’s smart milling system senses resistance to the milling blades and adjusts appropriately, resulting in evenly processed herb with superior flavor and consistency. Users can now enjoy a better tasting, even-smoking cone, whether a new smoker or veteran. The patent-protected technology allows you to enjoy life, one puff at a time, and brings a new level of simplicity you never knew you needed--until you try it!

An inclusive company that thrives on collaboration, the Banana Bros. represents a diverse community of herb users from all walks of life — anyone can be a banana brother! Some consume herb for its medicinal properties and for others its social ritual. No matter which category you fall into, Banana Bros. is focused on making cool, smart solutions so you can spend more time having fun with friends, relaxing, or doing whatever makes you happy.

The future is bright for Banana Bros., with the hopes of spreading kindness, collaboration and inclusiveness to all. With the gradual and progressive legalization of both medicinal and recreational use of herb across the United States, fans can be sure to see new innovations and modernized twists to traditional herb products. Banana Bros.: Making it easy to take it easy.

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