PhD 10-1g Pre-Roll - Grapechata (H)


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Buds: The buds of Grape Chata are dense and resinous, often showcasing a chunky structure.
Color: The buds display vibrant shades of green with deep purple undertones. Bright orange pistils weave through the buds, and a heavy coating of frosty trichomes gives them a sparkling, sugar-coated appearance.
Aroma and Flavor
Aroma: Grape Chata has a rich and enticing aroma that combines sweet, fruity grape notes with hints of creamy, spicy undertones. There’s also a subtle earthy scent that adds complexity to the aroma.
Flavor: The flavor profile mirrors the aroma, offering a blend of sweet grape and creamy, spiced flavors with earthy undertones. This makes for a smooth and enjoyable smoking or vaping experience, often described as tasting like a mix of grape candy and spiced horchata.

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  • NM, US: CCD-2022-0616-001
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