Pure & Simple - Just Orange [100mg]


About this product

It’s like drinking liquid sunshine. You get the essence of fresh oranges in each sip; A bold, zesty flavor that makes your taste buds tingle. The tangy citrus flavor and aroma give orange juice a zingy, spirited quality. With a wonderful balance of sweetness to compliment the citrusy kick, it’s the perfect morning pick-me-up or afternoon refresher. The lack of pulp gives a silky, smooth texture.

Hydrate your taste buds with a refreshing burst of 100mg of THC and activated Full Spectrum cannabinoids. Our line of Pure & Simple Juices and Teas provides you with a fast acting form of medication made with simple ingredients. Starting your day with an ice cold beverage in 4 flavors, Orange, Apple, Hibiscus Citrus, and Prickly Lemonade, and Chai Latte. Our packaging comes equipped with a child resistant closure and measuring cup attached for easy dosing.

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