Silogro Replacement Filter


About this product

Our Silogro Replacement Filter was created to remove odors from your grow. The Silogro Replacement Filter will keep the inside of your Silogro smelling fresh and clean as your plants grow!

We recommend changing your Silogro Filter every three months for best results.

You will receive a package of 2 Silogro Replacement Filters

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About this brand

Logo for the brand Silogro #1 Indoor Grow Box
Silogro #1 Indoor Grow Box
#1 Indoor Grow Box!

SiloGro Home Grower - An All-in-One Grow Kit

Unique, Expert Design & Support
Automated and Cost-Effective Light System
The advanced automated energy-efficient LED system gives maximum daylight from an optimal distance at minimum cost at all times. It’s domed shape bathes your plants from the sides to the all important tops.

Grow Kit
This grow kit has a circulation fan with a washable carbon filter that helps neutralize odors, keeps away insects and pests.

Stylish and Compact Design
Due to its stylish, compact, and sleek design, you can place it anywhere in your house. It takes a small space and blends perfectly with your interior without looking out of place.

Build-In Nano Atomizing feeding system
SiloGro grow box hydroponics comes with a built-in nano atomizer feeding system that creates a nutrient rich fog, to increase nutrient uptake to your plants creating faster, stronger, growth, from the roots to the vegetative and flower stages of your plant.

Expert Support
The Silogro indoor plant growing machine comes with a detailed step-by-step manual. Even if you are a complete novice, you can become a pro plant grower by following it. If you still need help, we are here to provide you expert support anytime.
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