Girl Scout Cookies X GMO


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Worlds collide with this mix of two of the most popular, flavorful, and powerful strains on the market. Sweet and at times, minty; gassy with the lightest floral, pine, and fruit notes - no flavor profile is left to the imagination here. Cookies on both sides lend themselves to high THC and a powerful stone; euphoric and uplifting, while showcasing its telltale pain relief and relaxation benefits immediately as well. Solventless, as always - and with a gorgeous aureate glow; a gram of this in a container looks and feels like a gold coin in your pocket.

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About this brand

Six Labs is where the science of cannabis and the art of cultivation comes together. At our cultivation lab in Chesaning, Michigan, we cultivate all our own cannabis with a complete focus on quality and precision, and passion for advanced research, development, and technology.


  • MI, US: AU-G-C-000159
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