Pineapple Tonic

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Pineapple Tonic is a high CBD strain that provides a mellow and uplifting buzz. Great for daytime medicating and when one wants to be clear-headed and relaxed. This is a popular strain for helping decrease anxiety without the heaviness of an indica. A potent scent of sweet pineapple and spice is present on the nose. With a two to one ratio of CBD to THC, this is a great strain for pain relief and mood elevation.

A blend of Hawaiian Pineapple & Cannatonic, evergreen buds with pineapple aromatics. Peaceful and happy, great for a day in the park or relaxing after work.

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Started from the relentless pursuit to grow truly exceptional flowers, State Flower evolved from a boutique approach to cultivation into state-of-the-art operations, while maintaining an ultra-premium level of quality. As the cannabis industry transitions from its humble roots, we are proud to be leading the way into this new phase of professional standards and practices.


  • CA, US: CCL18-0000943
  • CA, US: C11-0000300-LIC
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