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The Original Waffles Co.

Small Batch, Artisan Extracts

Our story

The Original Waffles Co. was founded in 2012 with the desire to create high-quality innovative cannabis medicine.

Our signature product, Waffles N' Syrup, is completely unique and is said to resemble it’s namesake, waffles, and syrup. The mixture of 800 mg crumble topped with 200 mg distillate is handcrafted in small batches, which allows us to create unique flavor combinations.

Our products are all nug-run, meaning that they are produced from the highest quality cannabis flower. Waffles & Syrup is crafted with the same distillate you’ve come to love from Timeless Vapes.

Waffles & Syrup is meant to be dabbed, and when done at a low enough temperature you can actually taste the flavors of the distillate and the crumble individually!

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