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Great little USB digital microscope for the money
We tried many of these before we decided to go with this one it seems to be the best in its price range, great for finding mold and fungus in plant material and good for over seeing the processing in product productions. The stand is great for easily focusing on a item witout trying to hold the microscope steady, and good for getting a clear photo or video compared to the short stand type usb microscopes which were generally unstable.
Offers 10X-200X Magnification ratio, captures 2MP still images, streams and records live videos
Ultra-clear image processing technology provides excellent image and video quality
Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and Mac OS 10.6 or above (driver free)or Mac users can use it with your exsisting camera drivers Not For WINDOWS 8
User-friendly software provides advanced editing, processing and measuring features
Metal stand and built-in white 8-LED light.
High quality digital zoom microscope with 2MP USB digital system!
Perfect for skin inspection, hair inspection, industrial inspection (PCB, material) education purpose, print industrial
Excellent for textile industrial, biological inspection, jewelry & stamp (collections) inspection
Magnification settings: zoom 10X-200X
Controller high speed DSP (driver free available)
CD disk driver and micro-measurement tool
Snap shot software and hardware
Full function microscope stand with metal base support
360 degree microscope holder
High resolution up to 2M pixel
Dual focus optical system
Perpendicular focus range: 1-9/16" (40mm)
1600x1200 Pixel high quality color digital camera
USB 2.0 compatible
Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 /Mac (driver free)

Image sensor: color CMOS sensor
Lens microscope glass lens resolution 2M Pixel
Controller: high speed DSP (driver free available)
Magnification range: 10X-200X
Focusing range: 1-9/16" (40mm)
Snap shot / record video: available
Light source: built-in white 8-LED light and adjustable illumination
Fix stand: all view angle available fix stand
Interface: USB2.0 compatible
Frame rate: 30f/s under 600 lux brightness
Still image capture resolution: 1600x1200, 1280x1024, 800x600, 640x480
Video capture resolution: 1600x1200, 1280x1024, 800x600, 640x480
Photo format: JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG
Brightness control: manual adjustment
System Requirement: Pentium Computer with 700M Hz Above ,Windows 2000、XP、VISTA、WIN7 Pentium 1GCeleronAMD 1G & above 128MB Memory150MB Hard Disc memory space16-bit & above VGACD-ROMUSB2.0 or USB1.1
Measurement: Straight Line, Polyline, Rectangle, Polygon, Circle, Ellipse, Arc, Distance, Dot-Line Distance, Parallel Line Distance, Angle, Calibration
Other function: Magnifier, Circle Label, Square Label, Diamond Label, Color Setting
Language: English Chinese and other language by selection
CD disk driver
Power supply: USB Port (5V DC )
Dimensions: 112mm (L), 33mm (R)

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About this brand

Logo for the brand TLC Lab Supply  - 10 years in business, serving  the cannabis plant and product  testing community
TLC Lab Supply - 10 years in business, serving the cannabis plant and product testing community
This cannabis testing kit is a unique Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) mini-laboratory. It is registered, trademarked, patented, and university-certified. Known as Cannalyse, or Alpha Nova, the test kit contains a uniquely standardized and high performance developing protocol sometimes known as High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography or HPTLC. World Wide Compliant, Health Canada Approved - Suggested to be used in current California testing laws: https://www.thctestkits.com/california-testing-laws/
With these test kits the cannabinoids will be separated and identified on specially impregnated TLC plates. Total extraction means that the THC residing inside the resin-producing, stalked, glandular trichomic cells will be released and therefore measured as well. The extraction solvent disrupts the cell walls so all cannabinoid compounds will be released.This action is in contrast to analytical laboratories where alcohol or hexane is used as extraction solvent which only washes the oil droplets on the trichomes. The greenish color of the extraction solvent is an indication of the total extraction. Only a minimal amount of sample (100-120 mg) is needed for total cannabinoid extraction. More
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