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Truly Pure is dedicated to setting the standards for full-spectrum co2 extracted products. We believe in providing only the highest quality products backed by honesty, transparency, and customer service to build long lasting relationships with our clients and consumers.

We have had the pleasure of providing these high standards to the Oregon market for a little over 5 years, starting during the medical days. While this is a recreationally-driven market, cannabis will always be medicine to us, and we believe it should be treated and processed as such. This is why we chose to use pharmaceutical grade equipment and to use co2 as our extraction solvent to ensure the highest level of purity and super-critical, full-spectrum extraction.

Super-Critical Extraction
A supercritical state occurs when proper pressures and temperatures allow both a gaseous and liquid state to coexist in equilibrium. Picture it kind of like a fog. This is the purest state of co2 extraction. This system is designed for all forms of botanical material, and is one of the only systems on the market to incorporate three collection vessels capable of selectively isolating groups of compounds. In our case we isolate the waxes, oils, and terpenes using independent pressure control. This isolation power allows us to obtain higher terpene profiles that ultimately create a more natural cannabis flavor and consistent effect. This extraction equipment is unique to our brand and that is why you won’t taste anything else like it. The terpenes have one of the weakest molecular structures and lowest boiling points, therefore it becomes the easiest to damage during the extraction process. Because most commonly used extractors on the market only have one collection vessel they are forced to separate and isolate the terpenes during post extraction. This exposes them to a lot of friction and oxygen ultimately destroying them, and once they are gone they are gone. We all now understand the value of these terpenes and it is our job to better educate the consumer in order for them to receive the consistent effect they desire. Without these terpenes to carry the essential cannabinoids through your blood brain barrier vitamins can not fully metabolize in your body and therefor eventually become waste. This same concept applies to THC and other cannabinoids.

Full-Spectrum vs Distillate
There are many forms of solvents and extraction methods that sometimes strip away these valuable cannabinoids and terpenes. This is very much the case with distillate products. Because this process uses such intense heat and pressure the terpene profile is destroyed and the majority of the other essential cannabinoids separated to increase THC levels. While this process
is great for high THC numbers and marketing purposes it is not a very effective product. Because the body can not recognize these essential cannabinoids without the original terpene profile the experience is very different then that of a full-spectrum extraction. The high received form distillate products lacks the ingredients to create a balanced and long lasting effect. This is very different from the full-bodied entourage effect that we are used to receiving when we smoke flower. It is usually experienced as a more intense cerebral effect that seems to taper off much faster then full-spectrum products. Because the body continues to absorb the cannabinoids properly the experience is more similar to the effects of flower creating a long lasting full-bodied high.

Indica, Sativa, Hybrid
Because distillation strips away the other essential cannabinoids and terpene profiles it takes away everything that make it a specific strain. Distillate product can be classified as indica, sativa, or hybrid. I like to call this product hotdog water being that it usually contains many different strains of undesirable material that was unfit for quality extraction. Because this undesirable material is so cheap the product is becoming more and more popular because of low production costs and the marketing of high THC numbers. Consumers are not being educated on what they put in their bodies and that is where we come in. We only want to provide clean and healthy ways of consumption and truly believe in transparency and honesty with our consumers to build that trust. Know what you put in your body!

Flavor Additives
This is why we never use any weird petri dish flavor additives in our products. Because all the terpenes are stripped away in distillate products they are forced to use these additives to flavor their products and break down its stable structure. While most companies claim to use natural and organic flavors additives these terms are very misconstrued. The term natural can be used simply because they are obtaining terpene molecules from plant matter. This means that a flavor chemist has isolated terpene molecules from many different plant sources and mixed them all together in a laboratory until they create what our palate has been trained to recognize as a flavor like watermelon, banana, or even cannabis terpenes. One of the major problems with this is that these terpene molecules do not always bind together naturally. This is when emulsifying agents like propyl ethylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, cocoanut oil, and other harmful chemicals are used. These emulsifying agents clog the lung capillaries causing decreased oxygen retention and cell regeneration creating long term damage often refried to as popcorn lung. This is why these products are harsh on the throat, cause headaches, and taste very artificial and overpowering to any cannabis flavor. Truly Pure has never believed in using these products nor do we believe in the marketing tactics used to sell them. We only use in-house strain specific cannabis derived terpenes that correlate with the batch being processed to always ensure a pure and truly natural product.

We are currently making batches of distillate to introduce soon simply because the market still demands it but with a different approach. Because we do not believe in these flavor additives or dishonest marketing tactics we take the honest approach. When our distillate it blended with our in-house extracted cannabis derived terpenes we do not label the product with any indica, sativa, hybrid category or claim it to be the strain. We simply say what it is. Distillate blended with Blue Dream (or whatever strain it is) cannabis derived terpenes. We do believe in using truly natural and organic terpenes to flavor cannabis but there are not too many available as the labor intensity to produce them is so high and the demand for them is so low that the only affordable and consistently available terpenes are citrus derived. Because we use them so often for culinary purposes and natural cleaning products they are consistently available. We made the first flavored cartridges to hit the Oregon market and are still currently the only company strictly using only 100% steam distilled citrus terpenes extracted directly from the rinds of the fruit. These citrus terpenes are the same base molecular structure as the terpenes in cannabis therefor they bind together on a molecular level enhancing the natural cannabis flavor without overpowering it or causing any harm to the body. Look out for these flavors again in our near future!

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