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Tuttle's Treats started in 2003. My husband and I moved here from NY to have a life in cannabis.
In 2003 I was a budtender for the Lemon Drop on Telegraph in Oakland and my husband Ken was security and made coffee upstairs. At that time we had a very comfortable space for people to enjoy the medicine they purchased.
Dispensaries at that time were still being raided so I returened to my fall back job of restaurant management.
After almost 9 years with a company they laid me off due to selling off to a franchise. They took away all benifits, training and all caring for people and customer service. I was also ""found out"" with my cannabis use and all of a sudden I am a bad person. Yesterday I was promoted today a pot smoker..To bad for them, It was all about money and reputation!!!
I decided to quit the corp world and make my treats full time.
I specialize in seniors and first time cannabis users. I use education and low dosage edibles to create a new life for those who don't smoke.
I love what I do and I love cannabis!!! Try my low dosage savory and sweet treats!!
They are made with love and know how!
Dawn & Ken Tuttle

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