CBD and Herbal Pre Roll - Love, Luna


About this product

A blend crafted together to help support you during the moon cycles. Great for releasing body aches and cramps.
During the full moon, emotional sensitivity can be enhanced. Use this blend as a tool in your full moon ritual or any releasing ritual to create powerful shifts in your life.

Ingredients include -
Red Raspberry,
Pinch of Mugwort,
Hemp Flower
100mg Full Spectrum CBD

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About this brand

Logo for the brand Velvet Roots Apothecary
Velvet Roots Apothecary
Velvet Roots is a small batch online CBD apothecary located in Denver, CO creating wild botanical and CBD products for medicinal, self care and ritual purposes. Specializing in CBD and herbal smoke blends that are curated with specific intentions and everyday stressors in mind. We strive to help provided a safe space for open conversations about alleviating stress, helping improve mental health and mindful consumption.

Within our products we seek to allow individauls access to the highest quality herbs for healing and educating. We are here to create a community with a knowledge of the depth of power that plants possess.

We invite you to discover the healing power of plants. Not just their physical medicinal properties, but deeper wisdom and gifts that they offer.

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