Rejuvenating Facial Fusion Moisturizer


About this product

Vieve’s Leaves restorative face moisturizer uses a combination of lab-derived natural compounds and whole-plant-based ingredients to reduce inflammation, promote anti-aging, and skin cell longevity.

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Protects your skin against UV rays, free radicals, oxidative stress (pollution)
Increases moisture up to 70% in just 4 weeks
Kick-starts your collagen production
Helps fight inflammation
Increases cell turnover, firmness, and elasticity

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About this brand

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Vieve's Leaves
Cosmeceuticals that help soothe and even out most skin types – from dry to oily to sensitive patches and redness. Vieve’s Leaves brings science and beauty together to create products that will reveal the wondrous benefits of a plant-based approach to overall wellness. Discover an all-natural, CBD-infused practical approach to skincare that’s noticeably different.
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