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Your Medication, Your Way: Quick, Discreet, Safe & Effective

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Make the most of the full benefits of medical cannabis with the Wu solution from Gefion, the only company with a cannabinoid-based product line and drug delivery technology that meets the requirements to become a proven medical treatment option.

Our groundbreaking ZIP Transdermal™ Technology is a quick, discreet, safe and non-smoking delivery method without the unwanted side effects of traditional methods. A patient simply applies a pre-measured dose onto the skin and it is absorbed in minutes

The platform has been extensively validated with human clinical trials, in vivo testing and peer reviewed publications with drugs that have not heretofore been successfully transmitted transdermally

This revolutionary delivery method functions as an intravenous needle but in the pain-free form of a cream.

Aside from using the Gefion and Wu branding, it is also possible to license each of our base product formulas for white-labeling or private labeling. Gefion will supply the base material for blending that incorporates the ZIP Transdermal Technology

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