Tropical Cherry Shatter (1g)

HybridTHC 24%CBD —
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Clear Mind · Relaxed · Uplifted · Inspired · Creative · Happy
Unlock the magic with WZRD Extract Cannabis Shatter. Our shatter is crafted to deliver a potent and pure experience. With its glass-like consistency and enchanting golden hue, this shatter breaks cleanly and melts smoothly, releasing a spellbinding aroma and powerful effects. Perfect for seasoned adventurers and new explorers alike, offering an otherworldly journey into the realm of high potency and flavor. Embrace the magic and elevate your experience with WZRD Extracts

About this strain

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About this brand

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WZRD Extracts
Step into the mystical realm of WZRD Extracts, where cannabis is transformed into pure magic. From our captivating shatter to our spellbinding badder and crumble, each product is crafted with the precision of a seasoned wizard. Explore the potency of our extracts and embark on an enchanting journey with WZRD.


  • AZ, US: 00000114ESQS66067289
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