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Baked Alaska #3

Baked Alaska #3
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Effects: Mood Elevating, Relaxed, Functional ------------- Helpful For: Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Muscle Tension, Insomnia, Fatigue ------------- Northern Lights x Grape Cream Cake F2 ------------- This strain is part of Breakwater's Pheno Hunt project. Short for “Phenotype Hunt,” a Pheno Hunt is the search for the best possible version of a strain. When we acquire seeds of a compelling strain, we grow multiple plants to maturity. Each plant is a unique physical expression or phenotype of its genetic makeup (just like children from the same parents can be quite different). We evaluate each phenotype for traits such as flower size, plant structure, aromas, effects, and potency. In a successful Pheno Hunt, the most promising candidate will become a mother plant for a new strain of Breakwater Premium Flower. With this new patient-facing project, we're inviting you to participate in this process and give us your feedback on which pheno is the best fit for our patients! ------------- Like #1, Baked Alaska #3 exhibits a rapid growth rate and robust structure, but it also boasts significantly larger flowers. Substantial conical buds display lush, contrasting greens and purples that are muted by a dusting of trichomes and orange stigmas. With sweet berries at the aromatic forefront, followed by pungent fermented grapes reminiscent of a red wine, and finished with a light floral bouquet, #3 is surely a delightful and sophisticated experience for the senses.

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