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March 22, 2017
What's up with your menu? What your not posting what flower you have in inventory? Some of us are poor and want to see what is good before we make that bus trip to pick up some flower. Please fix your menu thank you:)
April 9, 2015
DO NOT GO HERE!!!! THEY ARE EXTREMELY OVERPRICED!!!!! 17.34 for a gram of Alaskan Thunder Fuck and EVERYONE ELSE is at $9-15?? Don't believe me, look it up on THIS site because the compared prices in my area. Not to mention they wanted us to $500 for 28gs!!!!! NO THANK YOU! Quality was par to none. If you are going to charge that much at least have the best. I've had better off the street.....Will not be returning.
October 6, 2014
2nd visit whilst I was in Seattle. . first time I went was while the Seahawks were playing the broncos and there was a little queue outside and the dude outside was checking ids. 2nd time I went I had a 1 night stay over in seattle n went there to pick up to be refused by the gut at front as I didn't have my passport(inconsistent ruling as 1st time my driving licence was fine) so I mission ed it back to hotel n just made it back before it shut at 8pm.. first visit I picked up some kush for around 45 bucks for 2g which I found expensive and 2nd time was worse 2g of snoops blue dream for 65 bucks.. I'm complaining now but at the time I didn't care.. I'm from UK and we only pay £20 around 1.6 grams and usually (cheese,amnesia,silver haze,g 13, ) I'm sure prices will decrease but atm they're taking the piss and so are the growers
September 12, 2014
The staff is friendly, clean, sober and knowledgeable. The atmosphere of the shop itself is as drab as it gets, antiseptic and dull. White walls, three small glass counters and a hard worn floor. The lines are long and the inventory never lasts, so you have a VERY high risk of lining up for a very long time and not being able to buy anything. They have this terrible policy where they "round up" to the nearest 5 dollars if you use a card, so everyone gets cash out of a machine (which charges a huge service fee), which holds up lines and service. The staff suffer through it all, meekly apologizing for no product, no decor or atmosphere, long lines and quite frankly exorbitant pricing, (none of which they really have any control over). I've bought several brands and styles now and I can summarize my findings as: 1. Avoid pre-rolled joints entirely. They are a waste of money. I've had three now, all came in UNDER weight and were rolled too tight to smoke smoothly. The overall quality is inferior to flower and seems like the "scraps" of other blends, rolled into something convenient at a heavier price. 2. I like kush from my street dealer, but both kush flower blends I tried here were subrate. Really you can find better mediocre stuff from just about any random street dealer. I will be avoiding all kush blends here as a result. 3. I tried a 2 gram pack from Gecko Growers, called "Girl Scout Cookie". It was superb. Even just the smell of it makes it clear it was both potent and pleasant. Girl Scout cookie smokes well in paper, pipe or bong. It is a little moist, but still conducive to burning well. It produces an exceptionally "happy" high. It has a bit of "creeper" edge to it and may not last quite as long as other flower, but the overall buzz is very pleasant. Girl Scout Cookie was great flower after a tough day, or a Friday night when you want your work stress to evaporate. I will be buying it again. SUMMARY: This place has a long way to go. Most of its problems are outside its control, the supply chain is still ridiculously short and unreliable and the demand still stronger than anyone anticipated. The fact it was the only retailer approved in the state's largest urban center is not the retailer's fault, but only exacerbates the problems. Still, the elements Cannabis City can control are not that great either. There's no shelter from the elements as you wait in line, no information while you waiting what may or may not be in stock. There's no guarantee you'll get anything at all in fact. The only redeeming quality here is the staff know their stuff and are very courteous. It's like they know this whole roll out has been a debacle and are trying to compensate for it as best as they can. Hopefully things will improve and the good news is at least one of the flower strains turned out to be very excellent indeed and worth the trip.
October 21, 2014
Product is good. I felt like the woman who helped me last time I was in there wasn't the most friendly. especially someone new to mj.
October 13, 2014
Over priced, shocking service and had a tiny amount of choice, ( 3 different strains only) would never shop here again!
August 17, 2014
Supply issues aren't the fault of the store. Give it some time. Gardens are growing as fast as Mother Nature will allow. Vent at the WSLCB, not the retailers. The rules are so hosed up that decent growers can't get started. Any way, got a sample on 8/15 of the West Seattle Kush and it was very nice. Aromatic, sticky and fresh, the buzz was a creeper but a nice 2 hr. from a couple of rips. Kudos to the crew at this store. I'll be back.
October 16, 2014
First time in the store. waited briefly outside only to be sent to the back station. upon entering there were three registers. one the cashier was quick and moving. the other two were slow and very chatty. after waiting for 4 mins at the back register i went to the quick cashier. he gave me the information i needed and help me select a decent but EXPENSIVE strain of weed. upon leaving i noticed the back cashier was still explaining something to the customers in front of me. WTF? you guys need efficient cashiers not ones that over explain everything. i shouldnt have to wait outside just to wait inside. Will shop at the other stores before making a trip back here. Perhaps then they will lower their prices and get their s**t together.
September 11, 2014
Good quality flowers. Better prices than other recreational shops. Very nice staff.
July 10, 2014
I visited on Day 2 - still stood in line for nearly three hours, but Staff passed out free water and kept everyone informed of what was going on. Once inside, it was a little confusing with multiple counters holding different strains. Cash transaction. Waiting on Vape to arrive to sample the 3 strains I purchased. Welcome to the future!
September 29, 2014
Yikes! I know this is the only legal pot shop in the city at the moment, but this place is the pits! A terrible selection (about six different strains you've never heard of) of stuff that you can't properly see or check out at all, and prices that are downright gouge-y. $35 a gram. Insane. I bought one because I'm a dope (they make you wait in a line outside and by the time I got in my dumb lizard brain was kicking in, claiming that walking away empty handed would be a total waste of time). It probably wasn't terrible product when it was fresh but god knows how long ago that was. It was downright crispy by the time I got it. Not a terrible smoke given the terrible condition of it. Its a shame there's such a bottleneck in distribution that it got to that point. Anyway, lousy experience all the way around. They must be making money hand-over-fist so I doubt anything about it will change anytime soon. Damn shame.
July 26, 2014
It was fine. I was disappointed that they ran out of the Menu stock so quickly but I suppose that is to be expected at this time. My rave is for Leafly itself. When I got in line at about 1:30pm there were 4 strains on the menu. Before I entered the store I checked back to the menu on my iPhone to be sure what I wanted. The menu was updated to show that only 2 strains were still available. I was disappointed that I could not get Bubba Kush but was super impressed that the menu was updated while I waited in line. Cheers to the Pot Shop and this app to be so in sync about availability. Well done
December 13, 2014
the staff at this place is almost as lost as me. it makes no sense for them to sell something if they haven't tried it themselves. its weed not meds. anyway, weed was really dry the last couple of times i visited this place. not sure if they have an over abundance of crap and trying to get rid of it or what, but i wont be back anymore.
August 4, 2014
I got two joints that were from Shake, it was no good, no high at all
July 31, 2014
I waited in line forever because of the supply issue at the moment but the crowd was lively and we had fun. The service was amazing and everyone was exceptionally helpful/nice. I'll be back here soon.
February 14, 2015
Prices are a little high but it's what you would expect from a high taxed product. The staff is friendly and they at least have product in stock which is a change from when they first opened.
September 3, 2014
my first visit was cool. ofcourse there was a line. its expected, its one of the few recreational smoke shops. the wait wasnt too long. the line moved smoothly. The guys there managed everything great. get in, get your smoke, get out. NEXT. no complains. price is better than anywhere else, legally speaking.
July 11, 2014
Got there on day 3, one of the last to get Opal, the only selection remaining. Staff was courteous. Definetly paid the donation price for limited supply, but excited to partake in the first legal rollout in Washington!
March 22, 2015
Nice friendly staff clean enviorment.plenty of selection but of the 12 different flavors I've tried only 2 left me wanting more and the others i will not buy again.I however have not tried the edibles yet so I can not speak to the quality of them.The biggest disappointment is no parking other than very limited street parking and the hit and miss quality of the flowers.
August 25, 2014
I was able to buy 2 grams. I arrived at 11:45 and the line was short. I enjoyed talking to the other people in line. Saw a number of out of state license plates. I look forward to the day when supply catches up with demand. The staff were friendly and helpful. I will be back.
October 19, 2014
show price with tax and THC level
August 22, 2014
They are starting to have more and more bud in stock. Remember guys, it's not their fault that they don't have a lot of flower. Anyways, I got 2 grams of Blue Dream and a JuJu Joint. The Blue Dream was fresh and it was great. The JuJu Joint is nice, discreet, and pre-filled. Will probably come back again.
February 13, 2015
Prices are all over $20 a gram when you go in. Old weed, months old, and dry weed.
August 29, 2014
Well this place is alright the price yes that will make some go elsewhere till the liquor board gets things right and the growers aren't playing catch up. The staff was really nice even gave me a receipt. Surprising there was not a big rush of people but it was few minutes to 4:20pm.