Cannabis Cured - Thomaston (REC)

Cannabis Cured - Thomaston (REC)

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Northern Grown Shire Runtz Distillate Cartridge 0.5G

Northern Grown
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Northern Grown Shire Runtz Distillate Cartridge 0.5G
Cannabis Cured - Thomaston (REC)
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|554.2 miles away

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Shire X Sherb N' Runtz (Sativa Hybrid) SHIRE (Sativa Hybrid) Silver Haze X Durban Poison Shire is a 70/30 sativa dominant hybrid that will provide patients with an energizing cerebral kick that will have you ready for anything the day throws at you. It smells pungently of a cushy fruity aroma. When smoked or vaped the flavor is exceptionally smooth coupled with a sour and spicy flavored with an earthy finish. It also has extremely high THC levels and is not recommended for novice users.  SHERB N RUNTZ (Hybrid) Sherbet X Runtz X Strawberries & Cream "Sweet aromas and tastes are all the rage with the latest exotic weed flowers. Sherb N’ Runtz offers all three—A tasty appearance, delicious flavor, and a sugary scent. The indoor-grown flowers offer a rainbow of colors, from blues and purples to dark and light green, this strain is as pretty as it is flavorful and intoxicating. It has a sweet, candy-like taste and fragrance with tropical and woodsy undertones. Some consumers report it reminds them of a creamsicle with a blend of vanilla and citrus. Although it might look good enough to eat, to get the effects of the potent Sherb N’ Runtz strain, you need to roll it or put it in your pipe to enjoy the experience."

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