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Curaleaf - Tampa

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Jet Fuel Gelato F1 - RSO Syringe

Strain rating:
THC 81.0%
CBD 0.2%
Jet Fuel Gelato F1 - RSO Syringe
Only available for purchase in-store
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Curaleaf - Tampa
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About this product

Jet Fuel Gelato is a Sativa strain offering an energizing experience. It boasts a sweet, creamy flavor with subtle fuel-like notes and a fragrant, inviting aroma. This strain delivers a euphoric and mentally stimulating high. Jet Fuel Gelato features visually stunning, trichome-covered buds in vibrant green and deep purple hues. It's your ticket to an exhilarating cannabis experience. Always consume responsibly and seek expert guidance for personalized use. - Curaleaf RSO is a premium extract cannabis oil produced preserving all the natural compounds available in the Cannabis plant and providing patients with full plant benefits, also known as the Entourage effect. The product is available in a conveniently measured 1 ml syringe to provide patients accurate dosing and contains approximate 600 - 950 mg THC. THCA content varies by harvest. This product must be stored and transported in its original packaging to comply with Florida law. - RSO oil can be used via direct oral administration. The average dose for this product is 5mg, two times per day. - Cost is based on average dosing for this product: 30-day supply is $22 50-day supply is $36.67 70-day supply is $51.33 - Patients must consult a certified physician to obtain the dose that works best based on their medical condition. 30, 50, 70-day supply cost is based on average doses and may not apply to all patients.

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