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“For my first time at the dispensary my consultation took a little longer than expected but that’s okay. Everyone was nice, helpful, and very knowledgeable. The medicine is good. The quality of the flower is pretty good but kinda dry but whatever. The waiting room does get crowded but they do move patients in and out pretty quick. Overall my first two times at this dispensary have been good. ”

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“This has been my dispensary for months now. Unfortunately, I can't say it's been a great experience. The main receptionist is almost always unpleasant, and when you go you have to listen to her bitch about not only her job but the customers who come to Compassionate Care. Moreover, their website is terrible. There's not much information provided on the products, and they're missing many of the product photos that should be there to help the patient make decisions. And when you put a product into the basket and go back to shop the website often doesn't remember what you already had in the basket. But that's what you get when you run your business on a Wix website. The least they could do is put up a functional WordPress site. It's not rocket science. Another issue I have had is that a lot of the flower is very dry. That may not be their fault, but it's kind of unexpected. And you would think they could invest in a humidor for the poducts. Finally, the place is tiny (I mean really tiny). And the 8' x 8' waiting room feels dirty. My impression is that compared to places like Colorado and California and others, Connecticut dispensaries are lacking substantially in many many ways. This is no exception. The one thing they have going for them (other than being nearly the only game in town in my area) is that other than the one receptionist, everyone there is awesome. If I could give a rate on people I'd give them 4.9, but with all the other flaws, with regret, I have to go far lower.”

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