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“I went to this place five years ago and I remember it still. I was in Europe "finding myself" when I decided to visit Holland just because why not. I wasn't a big marijuana person back then but I remember being very nervous before going in. The idea of someone walking into a coffee shop and buying marijuana or even smoking it inside a coffeeshop was very daunting, nonetheless I went inside and was greeted by down tempo music, reading materials and boardgames. The lady behind the counter was very friendly and laughed when I told her I like to buy two spliffs. I took my spliffs and sat down and lit one. I remember reading a short story called Hall of Mirrors and within five minutes the high hit me. I couldn't read anymore, I've never been high like that in my life and I realized why she laughed when I bought two spliffs. The marijuana the sold me ruined me, I felt like my face was melting off. It was the best high while simultaneously being the most paranoid I've ever been in my life. Sitting there, staring at a wall I felt like people were looking at me. A few minutes later in walks an older gentleman who was greeted with hugs by the woman behind the counter. The gentleman walks over to a table and pulls out a box. He then takes the contents of the box out and begins rolling joints for the shop. He saw me sitting there doing nothing and he walks up to me and asks if I'm okay. I tell him yes. He then says "Oh." I go "Oh?" He then says "Most Americans don't realize how potent the marijuana is here. Obviously you know now." He smiles at me and then proceeds to roll more joints. I never smoked the second one and I didn't know that I could have taken it with me. I didn't need it though. This place was remarkable and I felt very safe. If I ever go back to Holland I'll make sure this places is the only coffeeshop I visit.”

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“Good quality, good people ”

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