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November 6, 2019
I really enjoyed this new shop however they need more deals. everywhere else around here has happy hours or shatter days. everyone has the same basic products having deals and sales is what will get me return I cant come pay full price here when 2 places a mile away have better prices.
October 10, 2019
I found it nice that they use a two-axis system for categorizing their cannabis: stoney vs. functional and sleepy vs. active. The shop is lovely with a nice sitting area, though I personally am unlikely to spend much time sitting here. Not a huge variety, and prices are average for the local market (perhaps slightly more than one or two other shops in the area), but a decent value. Polite staff and a wide variety of Pruf Cultivar products.
November 17, 2019
Good bud, great service. Nice clean shop. Loved the help from the bearded gentleman.
March 18, 2021
They sell 6 month old bud for full ticket price. Insane....
January 8, 2021
Great hospitality and variety of every possible thc options
December 20, 2019
Super clean, friendly, patient, and knowledgeable.
October 7, 2019
First time visiting this location! Cool loyalty program! And fair prices!$ will be back!
November 16, 2019
Clean shop, friendly budtenders, and quality flower.
June 10, 2021
I'm mostly online customer. When I get delivery, the 60-69% thc products that haven't sold are suddenly 80-90%+. There are no images to go off of and when I have called into the store to ask for help, I'm transferred to this one individual who is in management who becomes aggressive on the phone for the simplest of questions. I have a seizure disorder and don't need 60 dollars of product that doesn't touch what I need to keep the seizures at bay. Normally this would be no issue to solve but the normal exchange/refund doesn't seem to exist here after 4 times. While I did get 20% back as a discount 1 time, it was a hassel to redeem. Never ever ordering from any of their stores after this.
May 20, 2022
Love it. Always come here.
May 20, 2022
As a transplanted Californian this place has become the go to spot. Great selection and quality, which is what I’ve found troubling with similar establishments in the area. I was helped out by Craig & James today and the recommendations were on point, but everyone at this location has been wonderful to do business with, so friendly and helpful!
May 16, 2022
Highest percent carts in town! Nicest sales people.
June 9, 2024
First time into this dispensary. I try to make an effort and stop at a dispensary if I’m not in the town very much and I honestly might have to drive there just for the atmosphere, I forgot to catch the name of the amazing lady that helped me but thank you!!!! Thank you for the Recommendation on the Beehive Robot. Not gassy at all👌😊
November 2, 2023
I became a customer in 2020. I have been on life support and palliative care. I am a medical patient of twenty years. In one year alone I spent over $25000 Per my tax receipts. When management changed, they also got a new system. All of my loyalty of points disappeared. It took a couple weeks to locate them. During that time I was in las vegas getting iv nutrition. When I returned I was told they expired. I had almost five hundred dollars and ten dollars of coupons. At that point I decided they lost my business. They did not value me as a customer. I heard they had new management so I Started coming back. They have good flower. I advised them that I was going into with the hospital for a procedure. I wanted to purchase the disposable vape. Since I asked for a bio I was not sure about my loan capacity if I was going to be able to use it. I was assured that those were easy to use. Moving forward... I tried it a couple times it never worked. I had a friend try it, They still couldn't get it to work. I went into electric lettuce said something. They told me to bring it back in. My child has had covid, so i've been on quarantine with them for the last five days. They refuse to return or even exchange it. I am beyond disappointed and frustrated. I lost my faith in electric lettuce and the product.