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February 5, 2020
Fluent offers the best products, in my opinion. I really like their cartridges for the wide openings on the mouthpieces and the variety of strains available. Unfortunately, they do not carry their entire line in capsules or tinctures. I would appreciate more low THC options. Usually, there are only CBD and Polaris capsules.
March 18, 2020
I went to Fluent in Atlantic this past week. The staff was amazingly helpful and informative. It was my first day with my card and I had a lot of questions that they handled like absolute professionals. Whitney made sure my first visit was perfect and I’ll definitely be back again.
January 10, 2020
no flower on a friday like really... couldnt use any discounts on anything my second time walked away buying nothing. wack
October 14, 2022
Fluent is my fave of the dispensaries! Great deals & products! Love earning (and using) those points!
December 8, 2020
The atlas syringe tastes like pure butane or propane. Extremely harsh, they don’t mention what solvent they use. If you call customer service they say co2 but it isn’t listed anywhere and sure as heck doesn’t taste like a medical product. The worst distillate I’ve ever had hands down
February 1, 2020
I've been using this store for the past 4 months with no issues. Staff is cool and Helpful. I'm in and out under 10 min. Flower & Pre-rolls are great. Love the 3 pack of Pre-rolls. It's worth tiring once for the discount and free pen. Once you do you'll be hocked.
June 12, 2021
pre rolls are just leaves from trimmed plants if you un pack them.. un satisfied with that considering there 20 dollars for 2 you would expect to at least get real flower and not this b s. wouldnt reccomend getting the pre rolls
October 31, 2021
Caleb was extremely helpful!! I am new to having my medical marijuana license and am still learning about the terpenes and which type of products are good for my personal needs. and FYI the MOODS line of products are AWESOME!! They taste INCREDIBLE and truly help relieve inflammation and ease pain. I have been in a ton of pain lately with nothing helping and since last night when I bought the MOODS tinctures and have used it twice now I have the first easing of my arthritis inflammation and pain in my knee. I only wish they had a store in Lake City, Fl. I have no doubt they would have plenty of returning customers.