Green Meadows Farm - Med

Green Meadows Farm - Med

Southbridge, MA
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June 28, 2022
Sharon, one of the managers at the Southbridge location, was incredibly rude. Never had I experienced that kind of customer service at a dispensary before. I purchased $100 worth of wax and instead received kief…she refused to exchange it only 2 hours after the initial transaction, spoke down to me repeatedly, and didn’t know the difference between hash, kief, and wax. Also, I feel I should add, she seemed intoxicated on something far stronger than good ol’ weed 🤷🏻‍♀️ It was unfortunate. Sticking to my home town dispensary from now on.
January 4, 2023
Verified Shopper
1/4/23 Not a good visit today - left empty handed Check in was super easy, the med counter was staffed by luv, and she was with a client that seemed to have never seen a pot menu before and was assisting with the zillion questions the woman had on each item on the menu(eye roll). I sat down in the one seat they have on the sales floor next to the atm - the lady clogging the counter turns the page on the menu and starts asking questions on all the products on the next page - Seeing how this was going to take a long time and she still has 5 pages to go and there was no one else to assist on the med counter, rather than say something rude - I just left without anything and didn't purchase anything. Was planning on getting a new pax 3 and a few ounces of weed, now im dictating on my phone about my visit as I dive to another store for my purchase. This is not a staff issue - its management not having people on hand the floor that are medical certified/trained - There still really isnt a place a patient can wait unless they stand- dont matter you are here for pain meds and standing is painful, you wait and suffer while the poor understaffed people try and help as best they can, you mention the issue and they say they know - but over a year later complaining that there is NO WHERE TO WAIT unless you stand. I'm tired of having the same complaint over and over.
July 30, 2022
I drove two hours for a bridal shower and chose to stop at this dispensary. When I first walked in, I was greeted by the rudest look on the manager’s face and immediately felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave. I am a medical patient and I almost suffered an anxiety attack in front everyone because of it. That was extremely unacceptable and I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Will never return.
June 20, 2024
Verified Shopper
Megan was terrific. I had a question about dablicators that she didn't know the answer to and she promptly got me the answer from a fellow worker. She was very pleasant.
January 8, 2023
Verified Shopper
Check-in was pleasant. As a first time customer to this location(medical), I had to fill out a load of forms which is a bit off-putting. But it does add you to their reward/ discount program. The store is clean and well lit. Options are displayed on a monitor with prices displayed. I had placed an online order that had a glitch due to an issue with a promo. I received a message about the issue in advance of my arrival, so I wasn't taken off guard. Added another option to my order with a recommendation from the cashier. Overall, a pleasant experience.