Greener Pastures - Bozeman- Pioneer Way
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Greener Pastures - Bozeman- Pioneer Way

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Blueberry Silvertip Bud

Greener Pastures
Strain rating:
THC 39.7%
CBD 0.1%
Blueberry Silvertip Bud
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Greener Pastures - Bozeman- Pioneer Way
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|1765.8 miles away

About this product

Blueberry Silvertip, born in Big Sky Country, is the enchanting result of crossing Montana Silvertip with the famed indica strain, Blueberry. This hybrid boasts a delightful flavor profile, blending sweetness and fruitiness. Beyond its delectable taste, Blueberry Silvertip holds therapeutic potential, effectively addressing pain, anxiety, and migraines. Embrace its soothing effects and let it transport you to a realm of tranquility and relief.

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