High Q - Silt

High Q - Silt

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Bazookies #10

Hava Gardens
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Bazookies #10
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High Q - Silt
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About this product

Bazookies #10 is a local favorite bred by Klone Colorado, and is a cross between Bubblegum and GSC. Although Bazookies #10 is classified as a Sativa Effect, the high is clear-headed and creative, rather than soaring or racy. Although this local strain is available from a number of growers throughout the state, its true potential is realized when grown in Living Soil, where the terpene profile is strong, sweet, and candy-like, translating to a soft, billowy smoke that feels satisfyingly substantial in the lungs. The purple-tinged buds of Bazookies #10 are adorned with dazzling trichomes. Unlike some of our other strains, Bazookies #10 is exclusively available as cured flower, because the trichome stalks are too short to be effective for the ice water extraction method used by our sister company äkta to make hash.

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