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Houston Grass Station

Houston, AK

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2 Reviews of Houston Grass Station

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December 24, 2023
Houston grass station is the best! Ron and his staff our decent people, so nice and helpful. Cheapest and best in the valley in my opinion! Merry Christmas and a happy new year to Ron and the crew. Thankyou & keep up the good work:)
December 1, 2023
tl;dr - lucky this is the only dispensary near enough me to walk to, they have great deals and very helpful/nice employees... and a couple claw machines filled with paraphernalia/hats/etc, Living in Houston, the Grass Station is pretty close to my house, and don't drive. They sometimes have an amazing deal of 7 half gram prerolls for $7 that you can get with the purchase of another product - it's not always in stock and only recently even learned about it... the person who rang me up either didn't think to mention it, or I didn't catch it, thought it was just you could buy a $7 eighth. Walked a couple miles with last $10 before payday hits the next day, and found out it was with purchase of something else, like the $10 gram of kief I'd bought the first time. I wasn't upset, they still have $4 pre-rolls, and said "oh that's fine I just walked a bit to get a little bit until tomorrow, couple of prerolls should do fine," and the woman working today she'd sell it to me on its own if I'd promise to leave a review on their webvsite... I don't think this is the site she wanted it on, couldn't find it, but seeing no reviews on here, I this place is genuinely a great place to shop, so I registered here to put one up Also, claw machines - I mean it's fairly loose like any claw machine ever, but I have managed to win a hat out of it at least once. lmfao