I-90 Green House - Ritzville

I-90 Green House - Ritzville

2110.6 miles away

Vape Carts - Purple Mango 1g

Strain rating:
THC 94.0%
CBD 2.0%
Vape Carts - Purple Mango 1g
1 gram
I-90 Green House - Ritzville
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|2110.6 miles away

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Discreet. Convenient. Delicious. The formula to a better vape is simple. Extracted from flower that is immediately frozen at harvest, Dewey live resin captures the true authenticity of each unique cannabis cultivar. Packed with native terpenes and loaded into a 1g ceramic cartridge -free of plastics and metals- these additive-free live resin carts are sure to leave you stoned, happy, and mumbling to yourself “f*ck, that was tasty” About Dewey's Purple Mango Strain - They say that fruit is an important part of a balanced (cannabis) diet. We would agree, especially if that diet consisted of a daily dose of Purple Mango. Perfect for unwinding after a stressful day at work, a couple puffs of this tropical delight and you’ll feel as relaxed as a summer’s day at the beach. Effects Map: Indica Dominant Gentle, Soothing, Cozy Flavor & Aroma: Citrus, Sweet, Berry THC Range: 14-20% Terpenes: 𝛿-Limonene, Caryophyllene Total Terpenes of Flower: 0.08% Genetics: Purple Tahoe x Mango Sherbet See More at https://deweycannabis.com/

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