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Keystone Center Of Integrative Wellness

1490 High St,, Williamsport, PA
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    This place is actually going out of its way to make utilizing your medical card impossible. I"m in from out of town and discovered they were up the street. I stopped by today and was shocked to be greeted by a macho security guard with a metal detector! I walk in... and approach the window and hand my card and identification to the women behind the counter. They just stare at me like "who are you and why are you here?" The SECURITY GUARD... not the clerks tells me that I cannot visit the shop without an appointment. First... why is the guard telling me this? So I ask the clerks if it's true and they say that yes, you can't visit unless you schedule an appointment. I proceed to tell them that in Pittsburgh this isn't the case and they tell me I need to make an appointment for the next day and that "state law" makes them do this. Before I can speak up and macho security guard chimes in and tells me that it's actually the owners decision to make appointments mandatory. Again, why is the security guard the face of the business? After calling out the clerk who seemed to think that it was funny that I couldn't get into their little clubhouse... I gave up and left. At this point the security guard came out and haggled me in the lot telling me that the clerk "would never smirk at a customer" and even though I kept telling him "alright man" he kept repeating it OVER AND OVER. Super strange. He then told me to reach out to the owner because she would want to hear my opinion on their appointment policy.... so I'm writing it here. The whole experience was strange. They managed to make you feel like a criminal, to an outsider, to being creeped out in a matter of like 5 minutes! My advice to the owner? Take a trip to Pittsburgh or Philadelphia and see how a dispensary should be managed because you have it all wrong.
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    Everyone there from the security guard, pharmacist, and the patient support are friendly. They go out of their way to help you and answer your questions about all the products.
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