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550 Vandalia Street, Saint Paul, MN
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The staff is exceptionally friendly and welcoming! I used to live in Seattle and HATE the fact that Mn does not allow me to choose my own strain. Not even sure whether what I've been getting is indica or sativa. The laws here are frustrating but unfortunately until the laws are more geared towards patients and not adhering to what law enforcement thinks about MEDICAL things this is what we have. That being said, it's not the companies fault and I'm happy to have them around. Prices are expensive when compared to Seattle dispensaries but I imagine this is due to the operating costs and limited product allowance. I would still highly recommend them and the quality of the products I have received has been great thus far. In short, use them if you are going to get on med marijuana in Mn and they will take care of you and most of all LISTEN. I have gotten off all opiate medications (was on them for years) for my disease and have been using this regularly with supplemental pills only as needed. Finally have my life back again so I'm very thankful for that :)
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