Sunburn Cannabis - Jacksonville Beach

Sunburn Cannabis - Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach, FL

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August 18, 2023
Austin and Melissa made my experience so lovely. I will now only shop at Sunburn thanks to those two. 🤙🏻
August 7, 2023
This was my second visit to sunburn and must I say I love it here more than any of the major chains. The atmosphere itself is very calming and inviting especially for me having such anxiety in social settings. And also I want to give a great shout out to Nick he was very helpful and very educated on my issues with not understanding my med dosage and he took the time to walk me through my entire setup and I'm greatly appreciative
July 21, 2023
Very nice vibe and staff has great energy an very helpful number one in my book all day
August 26, 2023
First time to sunburn, Brittany at the counter was very sweet and helpful. Thank you.
July 8, 2023
Geoff is the man! Always helpful. Brittney and Ashley do a great job as well! Everyone is always so nice when I come in. Literally the only place I go.
July 19, 2023
Austin our bud tender was super patient and knowledgeable Great deals daily!!
August 9, 2023
Austin is always helpful everytime I come in. He’s the perfect person you wanna speak with when it comes to being a consumer and patient. When I mentioned what I was looking, he mentioned some good picks and I can’t complain. I’ve been here a few times and it’s really a bang for the buck when at reg price and when there’s promos. Will be back for the good service and good shmoke. Thanks homie :)
August 9, 2023
I walked in there expecting to spend 5 mins in there and had a whole conversation with the worker the pen I got has amazing flavor and intrigued about the new exotic exclusive to them coming next week
August 14, 2023
Ashley is canna-rific. She’s helped me maybe 5x since Valentine’s Day. I remember the day bc it was the first time I had walked into a dispensary in Florida, and felt like I was in a dispensary! Laid-back & helpful & no bs. Ashley is never a drag. Sometimes I order things that can’t be found & Ashley is always a bud & finds me some that’s not a dud. We really do appreciate you! Weed love to say thanks!!! Every time I come here I tell her I’m going to do a review because the experience is so awesome because of her, so here it is! I just gave environment four stars instead of five, bc if you can do this, you can do so much more! I know it will happen. I can’t wait!
November 14, 2023
Cheez and Griffin are so helpful and full of outstanding knowledge of all products. They greeted me as I came in helped me right away and provided answers to all questions I had. What a great experience
December 18, 2023
Kendra was awesome!!!
September 1, 2023
Was in need of a sativa and was helped by Renee today, who is always wonderful, and tried Soap and Krumpets flower. Both have a very distinctive smell that you won’t forget! Energetic and motivational strains. Both strains were great sativa a. As always the quality of product is amazing.
August 29, 2023
Brittany did a great job providing options and history!!! I will be back!
July 30, 2023
As always a great experience thanks Nicholas!
July 11, 2023
Kendra Marshall and Trevor are the 💣
July 29, 2023
Thank you KENDRA! You’re the best!
September 8, 2023
I consider this my home dispensary because it is simply rad. It’s got a laid back beach vibe, mixed with a whiskey bar. The bud is always top notch and the staff is great!
August 15, 2023
Austin and Kendra took care of me today. The systems were running a bit slow today and they both handled it great. Very kind and apologetic for the wait issue due to the systems.
July 29, 2023
Kendra, Austin, Renee and Smitty hooked me up. Was a good trip out to Jax to get some amazing products
July 6, 2023
Geoff at Jax Beach is such a genuine guy and a laugh as well. Taught little ol me the ways of smoking hash and I literally placed an order for another coin to pick up after my nap lmao
August 17, 2023
Sunburn weed leaves you wanting more of the burn! Austin connected me with an incredible strain quickly because he listened to my needs and has a smile you won't be able to get enough of, either!
July 2, 2023
Jin is very sweet and knowledgeable. Great experience
August 17, 2023
Jin at Sunburn at Jacksonville Beach was so helpful! I was able to get exactly what I needed! Jin was so nice and professional. Thank you
July 1, 2023
Ashley was awesome an super helpful