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Froot Gummy Sour Blue Razz

THC 100.0mg
CBD 0.0mg
Froot Gummy Sour Blue Razz
MMD - Hollywood
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About this product

Introducing Froot Gummy Sour Blue Razz from MMD Shops Hollywood - a stunningly bold twist on the traditional cannabis edible. Designed within the bustling heart of Hollywood, California, this delightful morsel delivers convenience and robust flavor in one small package. It's not merely a gummy, but an experience that promises deep delight with each tangy bite. Featuring a super concentrated formula, this refreshing Indica gummy offers flexibility with its dosing options. Opt for the entire 100mg, or satisfy your cravings with flavorful 10mg slices. The choice, much like the experience, is entirely yours, enabling you to curate your cannabis venture to your own unique preferences. MMD Shops Hollywood, established in 2006, combines over a decade of experience with an unbeatable location, making it a top choice for both medical weed users and recreational marijuana enthusiasts. Nestled conveniently in Los Angeles, California, it also serves as a convenient cannabis dispensary for the upscale Beverly Hills, CA area. This isn't just a product, this Froot Gummy Sour Blue Razz is a testament to MMD Shops Hollywood's commitment to providing extraordinary refreshments that serve an array of personal needs and tastes. For those searching "Dispensary Near Me" in the Los Angeles, CA, Medical Weed Hollywood, CA, or Cannabis Dispensary Beverly Hills, CA areas, look no further. Enjoy the finer things in life with MMD Shops Hollywood and their deliciously juicy Froot Gummy Sour Blue Razz.

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