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Froot Gummy Sour Cherry

THC 100.0mg
CBD 0.0mg
Froot Gummy Sour Cherry
MMD - Hollywood
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About this product

Discover the bold flavor of Froot Gummy Sour Cherry, considered a top-notch choice at MMD Shops Hollywood, a popular Dispensary Near Me - Beverly Hills, CA. This brilliant confluence of texture, taste, and intensity brings to you one of the most potent edibles on the market. Each gummy not only provides a super-concentrated dose but is also crafted with meticulous precision to enhance your sensory experience. You can enjoy the full 100mg strength at once or slice it into 10mg pieces for a more measured indulgence. What sets this product apart is its signature sour cherry touch. The flavor is so powerfully delicious that it's an experience unto itself. It's an Indica delight that offers a smooth journey into a world of relaxation. Being a part of the leading Cannabis Dispensary in Los Angeles, CA, the Froot Gummy Sour Cherry is crafted to meet your needs. Their commitment to quality customer service and a wide range of unique and potent products is what sets MMD Shops Hollywood – a renowned Marijuana Store Hollywood, CA apart. With roots tracing back to 2006, MMD has been delivering Medical Weed rich in quality and safety standards. Froot Gummy Sour Cherry is yet another effort from MMD to provide a memorable cannabis experience to its customers. Experience the difference today at MMD Shops Hollywood and discover why we are a local favorite in the heart of Hollywood, California.

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