PharmaCannis - Bronx
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405 Huntspoint Ave., New York, NY
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You’ll need to order more medical marijuana from the anxiety they will give you over the phone! Definitely would not recommend.
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Quality | 4
Service | 5
Atmosphere | 4
It's not easily accessible to other modes of public transportation except the BX#6 Bus. Parking is available. The Yellow HIGH CBD Vapes are Weak in strength , However their Tinctures , both Green Balance + Yellow High CBD OMG Very Good Top Grade Quality.
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Quality | 5
Service | 5
Atmosphere | 5
They were extremely welcoming and accommodating to me. I forgot my prescription paper but brought all the required identification so they were nice enough to get it printed out for me from my doctor's office. The prices to me are a bit steep, but for a more pure and concentrated product and piece of mind I don't mind so much. I doubt I can afford each month though. The vaporizer and Blue Sky vapor works as quickly as smoking about only 2-5 puffs are more than sufficient depending on the severity of pain, spasms and dysreflexic symptoms I'm experiencing. I made tea at night for adding the oil to like they suggested right before bed and sleep spasm free. The vapor has such a light tea taste with nearly no perceptible odor at all and what others smells isn't offensive. The entire staff was great and I'm happy that there was no judgment, if anything they were so understanding and knowledgeable about the benefits of medicinal marijuana. You can only buy what your doctor prescribed though. In my case high THC low CBD. If the prices were a bit lower say $50 for a vap cartridge it could be sustainable for me to buy and ween myself off my other medications. Being only on SSI I don't think it's feasible though.
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