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Port Orchard, WA

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January 19, 2021
Moved to Washington 6 months ago. The Pot Zone was the second place I have ever purchased legal marijuana. I say legal because I'm Old Skool. Staff is very knowledgeable, always make great suggestions, special order strains and call me when something I've requested hits the shelves. Feels like family and I always leave with a smile. Check them out. Tell them Souperman sent ya.
February 24, 2021
Professional and friendly folks here. Sometimes feel a bit rushed though
December 19, 2020
1st time stopping went looking for the best ice hash they had, picked out two different known hash companies, they wouldn’t let you touch the package because of Covid so I said ok, I didn’t think anything about it and cashed out and left. Get home thinking it’s all good til I see one is from 8/2019 and the other 1/2020. One was 70 and the 50 the “best stuff” they had. Employee recommended hahahaha No one in there right mind would buy hash rosin from a year ago the staff is negligent on the own product they push and blame it on the producer they told me to contact whoever it was from then saying it was my fault for purchasing it wtf. Stating it’s not there fault everyone sells the same thing pretty shitty customer service and knowledge... on top of the lil punk that checks ID tryin to come outside to fight haha what a joke this spot is. I have never had a negative experience anyyyywhere but avoid this place like moldy weed. There’s herban market and greener way that are close by BOTH have fresh hash/flower and knowledgeable staff that won’t f@ck you over! bunch of clowns work here
April 4, 2024
Walked in on April 3 2024 was threatened by the female employee that was working in the evening. Her excuse was kicked out because I called the shop and made a complaint about a male employee that was staring at my crotch as I was leaving A couple weeks back, I explained that it made me feel very uncomfortable. With how they approached me and how non-aggressive I was they made me feel like they were going to physically attack me. I would never ever recommend this business or anyone. I will also be trying to contact the owner and follow the correct legal steps to hold these people accountable
January 22, 2021
Kind of hard to see product through those windows. Just like the person below had stated, they do sell old products, the wax I bought had turned hard as a rock and the packaging had absolutely NO farm date on it anywhere...
July 19, 2021
I have been going here for a year now and never got “f**ked over”. The weed is perfect.
January 26, 2022
Been going here since it opened and the staff is always helpful and the prices, sales, and overall experience is great.
September 26, 2022
Customer service was horrible the guy with a blue shirt and blue hat was extremely rude and negative. I will not shop here again. I can’t believe people act like that