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October 17, 2019
I was so excited when your store opened up. Nearly everyone you have hired is an extremely friendly and helpful person. Although nearly every time I’ve gone into your store, there is a person named Rachel who is at the front desk nearly every time. Rachel is incredibly rude and is as unfriendly as anyone I have ever met in customer service. Rachel gives your store a very bad image it is the first thing a customer deals with upon entering your store. Rachel does not greet the customer, doesn’t even go as far to say hello or even how are your doing. I have seen several customers say, “hello how are you“? And she will simply say, “do you have your card”? There are a couple other people that work at the front desk their names are Skyler and Kristina. They are absolutely charming. They always ask if it’s your first time visiting if they don’t recognize you. They always greet you warmly. They always ask how you’re doing is there anything they can do to help if you have any questions, welcome to the store etc. In other words exactly what you would want from someone in that position. Upon entering the rear of the store to select my products, I was helped by a person named Alicia. Every time I asked Alicia a question she had to defer to a someone name Liam for all of her answers. Alicia did not have any product knowledge. Alicia was also not very friendly or customer service oriented. Liam actually took time away from helping his own customer to assist Alicia shortcomings. This is also happened another occasion when Alicia had to defer to Felix because she had no idea what she was talking about. The manager Lydia seems to be on top of things although being in the back she might not be aware of these little things going on in the front of the store. I would like you guys succeed very much being as I am stockholder. I hope you take these comments to heart if you plan on having a successful storefront. Rachel and Alicia are so rude they actually deterred me from coming in.
August 7, 2020
Very professional all the staff , and the security guard very friendly makes you feel very welcomed . And the dogwalker Julio’s caesars GAS
August 18, 2019
Excellent service, excellent product. Will definitely be back :)
September 11, 2019
Amazing! The staff is great and the products are A+
November 23, 2020
Man what a great experience today, this was my first time visiting this place. I must say totally impressed from start to finish. The customer service was amazing, they treated me like it was my 100th time there not my first. RISE needs to start migrating North for the winter and beyond. Gotta start your brand in Jacksonville and give these other guys a run for their money
August 14, 2019
Very cool location with fun decor and vibe. Staff were very friendly and the wait was short. Overall great first visit! The cherry on top - product quality :)
February 6, 2023
It’s not much on the eyes but RISE is such a great place to get some 🔥 flower. I picked up the Jack Herer & White Durban.. both are great sativas. The big winner here are the Full-Spectrum Vapes from Rythm.. they are ⛽️ and come in 1g. Staff is awesome.. place is small. Don’t let the size fool you tho. Check it out.
March 13, 2023
I've only been here a few times, because it's a 45min drive for me. I will say that every time I've gone has definitely been worth it. The flower, vapes, & prices are always🔥🔥🔥 The staff are really nice too. I was told today that they're opening up a Port Orange location in the next quarter of the year.
July 12, 2023
Tati was amazing, very attentive
January 11, 2020
been here multiple times, staff is always friendly, patient, and friendly. They have great sales and rewards for customers. They make it very easy to shop comfortably
November 19, 2019
The staff were all very friendly and helpful! They have an awesome first time customer deal and threw in a free battery for the cartridges.