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“Very bad weed, unfriendly customers. Good location with nice view, but I will not return. ”

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“Mixed feelings on this place in all honesty. First impressions the establishment looks the part. Located in a popular open area, there was a nice seating area outside. Going into the building, there is a bar on the left serving drinks including alcoholic beverages and then very unusually at the end of the bar there was a sign hanging from the ceiling stating that there was a till for purchasing weed. So far this is quite neato being able to buy both booze and dank. I look up at the menu which is brightly displayed on an LED screen and see a vast selection of bud and hashish which looked promising. I scan the menu (despite the sensed inpatient attitude of the bud tender) and notice that one of my favourite strains - and the strain that was on my list to find on my current visit - Kandy Kush was on the menu. However I was slightly disappointed when I realise that this strain, and 90% of the other strains on the list had a minimum purchase of 2g slapped on them. But I couldn't resist an opportunity to purchase this wonderful strain. Anyway I get a table and tell my partner before we do anything else I will go to the bar and get some drinks in. So I go to the bar, only for the 'not busy' bar tender to order me to sit down as there is table service provided. Being polite and not wanting to state the obvious that it would be just as quick to carry out the transaction at the bar, I return to my seat, only to then wait a good 10 minutes for somebody to come and take our order while the bar crew continued to chat away, and then probably the same amount of time to make the drinks. It was then time to go to the lavatory and this for me is where you know your place as a customer. After navigating some awkward stairs I get to the top to then be told it's 50 cent to have the privilege to go to the bathroom. I am not tight with money by all means, but principals like this on top of everything else I have stated makes me believe that this establishment is simply a commercial cash cow. Anyone who follows my reviews will know I try to be fair where possible, but with this place all that I can say is that its medium sized space and the 'all in one feature' are the only plus points to it. Oh and the Kandy Kush didn't make me as pleased as when I last had it (mainly not the distinct flavour I remembered) leading me to agree with other reviews that the weed here isn't all that good. ”

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