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Emerald Bay Extracts - 1g Syringe - Durban Poison

Strain rating:
THC 670.8mg
CBD 1.5mg
Emerald Bay Extracts - 1g Syringe - Durban Poison
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Don’t let the name fool you! Often called the “coffee of cannabis” - Durban Poison is a native South African landrace strain well known for its potent and deep-rooted relief. The OG seed is full sativa with high THC, and has yet to be tainted by extensive cross breeding. An excellent pairing for your morning cuppa, or substitute for a wake and bake session. Best for daytime use, this strain is low in CBD and designed for productivity and creativity. Reported to help symptoms of pain, headache, nausea and depression. **Not recommended for those prone to anxiety, panic or paranoia >Vibes well with Blood Orange and tackling that pile of dishes you’ve been avoiding >Available in full-spectrum 25mg RSO tablets + 1G oil syringes

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