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The Fruit Factory - Columbia Falls

Columbia Falls, MT

2 Reviews of The Fruit Factory - Columbia Falls

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June 4, 2022
Prices are a tad high but the customer service and knowledge of the product/recommendations always keep me coming back! Even with the extra tax in cfalls! Please bring back some Bruce Banner flower and you’ll have a customer for life!
December 17, 2022
When we first heard of the Fruit Factory coming to our town, my elderly mother gor excited for a new produce stand. 🤣 I had to explain it was NOT that kind of store. A few months later, she was put on hospice and the staff helped me to choose the right products for her. She lived 92 years, never approved of CBD or any of that, until I asked her to try a Carmel. From that point on, she referred to the Fruit Factory as her friends at the green store! They are knowledgeable, friendly, have great product, good prices, and they helped an old lady feel better.