The Kushery at Cathcart

Everett, WA

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58 Reviews of The Kushery at Cathcart

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July 8, 2020
Verified Shopper
Kip Dahl specifically brought me to tears when I came in to purchase a brand I was familiar with. When I asked him about different strains from the brand he proceeded to tell me another brand I should purchase. I confided in him that I was suffering from a particularly bad bout of anxiety that day and needed something familiar. He LAUGHED in my face and then told me how boring that was. After I purchased my items and left the store I sat in my car and cried. Not only did he shame me for my choices but for being neurodivergent. I am afraid to go this location because now when I see him I immediately go into an anxiety attack.
October 6, 2015
Everyone working here is very friendly and knowledgeable. They'll help you find something good and get you on your way. Plus it's a great location.
November 5, 2016
The Kushery is my favorite place because of the people who work there. Everyone of the guys and gals who work there are some of the most polite, awesome, people I've ever shopped from. Ron just today helped me fix a situation, and didn't have to go out of his way and look something up, he could easily told me no tickey, no laundry, but the suave, son of a bitch went out of his way, cause gosh darn it they're awesome people. If your close by, and even if your not, I highly highly recommend this place, they're customer service and work ethic deserves your business, and the place next door has an amazing selection of beer as well, so there's that, too. -this is the first review I have/ will have ever written, as I think that it's quite a douchey habit, but after the months of the unhomogenized awesomeness, I figure it's the least I can do, because gosh darn it they deserve it. God bless and goodnight.
May 12, 2019
This used to be my go to shop because it is right by my house, until I found the glory of online ordering. This shop does not do online ordering and does not keep its online menu up to date. Everything in this store is also markedly more expensive than in surrounding stores. I recently had to stop in last minute and the bud tender seemed irritated to have to work with me. They did not have what I was looking for (even though they had it on their leafly menu) and they did not want to help me find something similar. Even though it's a farther drive, I will stick to Kushmans in Lynnwood.
April 22, 2017
This is my go to location!! Knowledgeable staff who really care about you getting the best product for whatever your needs are! Casey is the best bud tender by far! I can always count on him to just "know" what I'll like!!!
November 5, 2016
First time visiting a shop in Washington. Slightly nervous only because not entirely sure what to expect. I hobbled in due to horrible sciatic pain. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff helped me and even suggested a bomb pain cream. Will definitely go back. ❤️❤️❤️
November 13, 2016
The location is great I just happened to be in town for a job and saw I was near the dispensary. Shaun the budtender was extremely helpful and made a good impression. Originally I wanted strawberry. Cough Doob but I went with his choice which was cherry pie. And i have to say in so glad I went w his choice in lit rn lmao great head high at 33% anyway thanks for the great first visit to your store.
November 24, 2016
Beautiful people beautiful atmosphere an awesome customer service
November 19, 2016
A+ customer service the best deals around for sure
March 3, 2016
Great location, great staff, great selection. I really like having tenders that have a strong product knowledge.
November 12, 2015
I came here for the first time today after visiting the hwy 9 location recently. I like them both, but the easy access/parking at this location make it my new go to store. great selection of flowers, cheerful helpful staff. This is what others should strive to be. highly recommended.
August 1, 2016
Went to this place twice and both times they took very good care of me. The bud I bought was excellent as well!! Keep up the great work!
April 14, 2018
Been coming here for a few months, they are always helpful, friendly, and love their daily deals!
October 13, 2016
I was naive to range of oil cartridges and oils that are constantly available. The staff at Kusher was extremely knowledgeable, sold me a product that meets my health and economic needs, and did so at a very fair price, especially when compared to other shops in the area. They also back their own products with a solid warranty. I would highly recommend this store to my friends and to both experienced and novice customers. Kushery at Cathcart is my new go-to store.
March 2, 2018
These guys are cannabis wizards seriously the recommendations are so on point
October 25, 2016
Went in today to get some new strains and the staff was more than friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and just plain awesome. Definitely will be back and have no hesitation to recommend it to anyone looking for a great place to get your wares.
October 31, 2017
great customer service and selection, cute dogs, AND RIGHT NEXT TO APPLEBEE'S!! love it
March 25, 2018
Great place with a good selection. The employees are super friendly and always help me when picking out my items.
July 3, 2016
These guys and gals are amazing! Every time I come here they are always helpful. They know the product and always give advice when asked. Listen to them 99.99% of the time you won't be disappointed.
January 29, 2017
hands down best place in van, I love the atmosphere and professional staff who have made everytime a very enjoyable experience, also great selection with very reasonable prices and sales, keep up the good work guys and thank you for keeping us medicated!
April 27, 2017
I've been going to dispensaries since they first cropped up in Washington. This means interacting with a large sample of budtenders. Let me tell you, I haven't met a faster thinking or smoother talking budtender than Kasey. I walked in, they actually fully checked my ID, and Kasey immediately got down to the question at hand: what should I smoke. After telling him my preferences, Kasey took less than a minute to give me a half dozen options, efficiently explaining the subtleties of each strain. I ended up taking home 2 different strains due to how well he sold them. It took less than 5 minutes from walking in the door to walking out with my green. Kasey is the guy to see!
June 30, 2017
So professional. They really know their stuff
January 3, 2019
great staff great products great atmosphere ❤
January 31, 2016
Convenient location, friendly, knowledgable tenders, good selection. Highly recommend, will visit again!