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SELFIES - Wedding Cake Diamond and Crumble Infused Preroll 1.5g

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SELFIES - Wedding Cake Diamond and Crumble Infused Preroll 1.5g
1.5 gram

About this product

GENETICS : Animal Mints x Triangle KushNOSE : Sweet, Vanilla, EarthyFLAVOR : Vanilla, Pepper, SweetEFFECTS : Relaxed, Aroused, HungryTERPENES : Carophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene---DESCRIPTION : Wedding Cake, also known as "Triangle Mints #23," is a potent type of indica-hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Triangle Kush with Animal Mints. Fun fact: In Canada, this strain is known as Pink Cookies. The Wedding Cake strain provides relaxing and euphoric effects that calm the body and mind. This strain yields a rich and tangy flavor profile with undertones of earthy pepper. Medical marijuana patients choose Wedding Cake to help relieve symptoms associated with pain, insomnia and appetite loss. Consumers with a low THC tolerance should enjoy this strain with an extra slice of care due to its high THC content.

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